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Embassy Promotes Ethiopia’s Tourist Destinations in Shenyang, China

Addis Ababa January 02/2019 A forum aimed at promoting tourist destinations in Ethiopia was held in Shenyang, China. Shenyang is the provincial capital of Liaoning Province.

Representatives of more than 60 Chinese companies working in the sector attended the event held under the theme “Explore Ethiopia, Land of Origins”.

High-level officials of the Liaoning Province have also attended the event.

Tourism Development Commissioner of the Province, Wang Jing on the occasion said that Ethiopia is one of the preferred tourist destinations in Africa.

He said that the event will create good opportunity for tourists from the province to visit Ethiopia as it improves their awareness about the Horn African country.

Ethiopian Airlines have also presented its plan for tourists from the province, who wish to visit Ethiopia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event was organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in China.

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