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Premium Ethiopia Tours

About Us

Premium Ethiopia Tour is one of the leading Tour Operators of Ethiopia, offering a wide range of tour itineraries relating to sheer adventure, exquisite culture and thrilling special interest options throughout the country!

The company’s objective is to become the leading adventure tour company of Ethiopia without forgetting our origins and key values. We strive to provide our clients with the best of services and greatest of memories and in the same time we hope to help rehabilitate the positive image Ethiopia deserves.

Premium Ethiopia Tour values are trust, commitment and the joy of sharing. We have great trust in our staff & the services we offer and would like for our clients to be able to trust us for more than 100%. We are highly committed to provide superb adventure experiences to our clients and this means that they can count on us even after they have returned home. There is no greater joy then to share – for us this means sharing the vast beauty of Ethiopia and the incredible hospitality of its people with our clients but also giving back to the communities and providing job opportunities for local men and women.

We specialized on field of activity of our company is historical cultural and adventure tours in the region of north Ethiopia and the southern Omo valleys also the Erta ale region is a true paradise for adventure lovers!

Our guidelines are showing Ethiopia’s magnificent natural landscape and introducing cultural history. Usually beginning with flying to Bahir Dar, the base for exploring the monasteries of Lake Tana and visiting the Blue Nile Falls. Proceed driving to Gondar enjoying winds through a dramatic volcanic landscape in route to the traditional heartland of the Amhara people, where imposing castles once welcomed ambassadors of the Moghul and Ottoman Empires. Visit Gondar’s church to inspect the stunning painted angels that illustrate the ceiling before flying to Lalibela for two nights; this city’s rock-hewn churches are some of Christianity’s most beautiful places of worship. also includes the 4th century Ethiopian capital and the first Christian kingdom of Axum and its famous erected obelisks.
Regarding the south omo part we will begin from Arba Minch to southern cultural and natural tourist attraction that you will enjoy nature’s most amazing creature and different types of flora and fauna with colorful cultural attraction including tribes and their socio – cultural environment.

It is our specialty to organize a customized private, group, educational or couples tour where we design the itinerary and activities especially for you according to your requirements. Itinerary details may vary depending on departure date and alternative itineraries for this tour may exist.

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