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Adadi Maryam Rock-Hewn Church

Lies to the west of Butajira Road on a small hill. The rock hewn church is believed to have been founded between the 12th and 14th Centuries. Traditionally the foundation of this church is associated with King Lalibela visit to nearby mount Ziqwala in 12th C. It is far closer in style to its counterparts at Lalibela.
While the rock churches in Lalibela are famous worldwide this little jewel is the southernmost church of its type, far faraway from Lalibela in nortehrn Ethiopia. The legend says it was carved out from the rock by King Lalibela himself in the 13th century. This was before him becoming king and before the city of Lalibela and its churches were constructed. It took him three years and three months to accomplish this work. Then he set of to the north and fulfilled his destiny.
Adadi Mariam is a Lalibela type rock-hewn church located approximately 50KM South of Addis Ababa on the AlemGena-Swodo road. It is surrounded with beautiful and enticing hills. From here, you can easily proceed to MelkamQuntture

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