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Blue Nile Gorge

Is truly magnificent gorge which spans altitude of around 2500m to 1200m is comparable in scale with Americas Grand Canyon In the highlands of Ethiopia, the Blue Nile gorge is one of the most amazing canyons in Africa. A great route when you’re traveling from Addis Ababa to Lake Tana.
The Blue Nile runs south from its source at Lake Tana through the Ethiopian highlands, before it turns west into Sudan to join the White Nile. Underway, you’ll find the Blue Nile falls, and the Blue Nile gorge. Certainly a nice route for adventure travelers.
Below is our tale about this route when we traveled with an overland truck from Addis Ababa up north to Lake Tana. Do you also want to follow this route? Find out which Adventure Travel tours in Ethiopia follow this route.
The gorge follows the course of the Blue Nile River/Abay as it arcs south of Lake Tana before it gushes out of Ethiopia into Sudan
Traveling between Fiche and Dejen you will cross the gorge on one of the most chilling roads built by the Italians. The Gorge can be visited in a trip from Addis Ababa at a push with round trip distance 260 km

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