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DebreLibanos Monastery

A Drive 110 kms north from Addis over the Entoto Mountains passing through the Sululta Plains take you to the Monastery of DebreLibanos monastery founded in the 13th century by AbuneTekleHaymanot. Overlooking Jema River Gorge, a tributary of the Blue Nile, the Monastery owns ecclesiastical, cultural and historical relics, and boasts a rare grove of trees that have disappeared from elsewhere in the region. Lying some 100kms from the capital this monastery was founded in the 13th C by AbunaTeklehaimanot. It stands at the base of a magnificent 700m high canyon.

The modern church built in the 1950s by Haile Silassie is tucked away in small wooded gorge. Other points of interest to tourists around the monastery are the cave of DebreLibanos, Portuguese Bridge/Ras Darge, there is also a chance to spot Chilada Baboons and varieties of Birds can be spotted near Jemma valley. Muger River Gorge and the water fall from the village of Durba offers very good opportunities of exploring variety of birds.

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