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East Of Addis Ababa

The Akaki wetlands. With its open river, marshes, waterfall and seasonal lakes, this is a great spot for birds. The wetlands boast a decent variety of waders, ducks and sometimes flamingos. The semi endemic wattled ibis and red-chested wheat ear both commonly spotted there. Further east on the same road is DebreZeit, the site of a collection of crater lakes which are home to a wide variety of waders and ducks as well as the endemic white-winged chat.

The rocky escarpment near the little village of Ankober, north-east of Addis Ababa has become a more recent fixture on the birder’s itinerary, or account of the discovery in 1976 of the endemic and very localized AnkoberSerin. Around 200km due east of Addis Ababa lies the awash National Park, one of the best places for birding in Ethiopia.

The Dire DawaHarar area provides the bird watcher with a variety of habitats including semi arid bush, highland grassland and water ways. A bonus to this area is that much of the region’s avifauna overlaps with species from the Ogden region of south-east Ethiopia.

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