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Jimma And Keffa


Jimma South West historical site: and courage. Jimma is one of the famous coffee growing areas of Western Oromia. It is reputed for its history and intact natural beauty. It was the trade route of the 19th century where many people used to attend the ancient great Thurday market at Hirmata, the current site of Jimma.

The palace of Aba Jifar II at Jiren: This impressive palace that is about 8 kms from the center of Jimma city was built by the cost of 400 kg of Gold and 65000 Maria Theressa Dollars towards the end of 1860’s. The palace stands with colorful architectural beauty. In the compound of the palace still stand other four buildings: the public mosque, the mosque of Abba Jifar, residential palace of Aba Jifar, residential palace of Aba Jobir and Aba Dula (the grandson of Aba Jifar).

The Museum: The museum displays most of historical materials of King Abba Jifar, his kingdom and cultural objects of local Oromo People. The first set of collection in this museum is the personal household furniture of the king that includes beds of Abba Jifar, armchairs, utensils, religious manuscripts and others


The birthplace of coffee: Kaffa is found in South West Ethiopia. The area is endowed with natural forest and coffee. The area was on a trade route to Sudan and other parts of Africa and on trade route to Arabia Peninsula, which perhaps explains the spread of coffee in that directon.Coffee – the pillar economy of Ethiopia: According to different sources, coffee was identified around 1000 years ago. Its first indentification is related with the sheepherder named Kaldi. He noticed that the sheep became changed its behaviour after eating the red berries. The area was on a trade route to Arabia, which resulted in the spread of coffee to Yemen. Then Ottoman Turks introduced it to Constantinople. Coffee is the main cash crop from which the country earns good foreign currency. Culturally, it is also important in the country. Coffee ceremony is well known in Ethiopia. Both Coffee arabica and Coffee robusta are grown in the country.

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