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Menagesha Forest

Menagesha Forest is a jewel to have near the city where mammal species such as the duiker, colobus monkey and endemic Menelik bushbuck can be seen. Bird life is abundant in this densely wooded area where Rougets’ rail, blue-winged goose and black-headed siskin are among Ethiopian endemics to be noted while taking a leisurely walk. This is followed by a drive to visit the Addis Alem Mariam Church, originally built as Menelik’s palace and known for its murals. The church owns many important relics and artifacts bequeathed to it by the Emperor which are on display in the Church museum. It is possible here to organize horse riding by professionals
Not far from Addis Ababa, on the road to Ambo. Large natural Menagesha National forest,the first known subject of an official conservation policy in Africa. Since the 16th century this forest is protected by the government. It is a beautiful forest with tall juniper and wanza trees. Some trees are over 400 years old. Also this forest is a paradise for bird, also different endemic species can be observed

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