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Nekemete And Mettu

Mettu town: Mettu is a town that is surrounded by lavishly green forest. Mettu is also proud of coffee plantations.

Sor Water Fall : It is one of the most magnificient and delightful waterfalls of Sor River that pours over the lip of a broad chasm over 20 meters deep.

Nekemte – West Ethiopia: Nekemte lies in the heartland of Oromia Region in West Ethiopia. It acquired importance when BekereGodana and later his son MorodaBekeree made it the capital of their kingdom of wollega in the mid 1800s. Under Moroda’s son Kumsa, the town continued in its importance.Wollega is well known for the most fertile agricultural production, green forest, and coffee, mineral subsistences like gold, copper, iron, and lead. Nekemte is home to a museum of Wollega Oromo Culture.Wollega Museum: Wollega Museum is the collection of ethnographic and historical objects. It has three sections: the ethnographic, the historic, and the different exhibition sections. It exhibits varieties of traditional household furniture that mainly reflect the culture of the Oromo people and of various ethnic groups in the area. In the historic section, the museum contains several old firearms of the ancient local Oromo people and government heads including spears, gold painted shields, swords and utensils like silver spoon and forks, and many other glasses copper. The museum helps for tourism research and studying the history and culture of Oromo people.

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