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Blue Nile River rafting trips are also a delight especially for bird-watchers who will encounter many bird species. Blue Nile River trips range from gentle float trips to exciting and challenging whitewater adventures. Whether you are a first time rafter or extreme whitewater veteran looking for something new, you will find it all on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile. The relatively unexplored section of the Blue Nile River between Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Falls has everything from beautiful calm water floats to spectacular natural scenery.Blue Nile River trips range from gentle float trips to exciting and challenging whitewater adventures.

Omo River rafting

The Omo River is an immensely popular river in Southern Ethiopia and remains one of the wildest, one of the most remote, and one of the most scenic places on Earth. Having been explored by only few western visitors, the Omo offers the greatest in all aspects of adventure: challenging terrain, exotic wildlife, extraordinary culture, and breathtaking scenery.

Streaming through deep, forested gorges over the most isolated course in the world, tribal members said to have descended directly from the earliest homo sapiens to walk the planet – and still virtually unknown to the modern world – subsist off the river’s abundance of flora and fauna.

creature of all proportions wait within the corridor‘s shadows and pools, and some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet remain hidden within the gorge. The river drains into Lake Turkana near the Sudan border. The mystical Omo awaits those who desire for an adventure of classic proportion!

Whitewater Rafting in EthiopiaIn the same way, the river scores quite well among rafting enthusiasts as well. From challenging fast-moving water and superb terrains to striking wild lives and lush green forestry – the river has it all. A rafter gets to discover a lot, once he starts exploring the fascinating Omo River. The welcoming whitewaters of high-levels can offer the most spectacular view and off route, the most electrifying rafting adventures. However, none of the rapids are much threatening, thus providing blissful excitement all the way!

As you raft through the desolate lands, you are sure to enjoy every bit of the exciting trip. Along with the alluring whitewaters of the Omo River, a rafter is bound to get thrilled by the splendor of the breathtaking scenery. Streaming through the gorges, you can get a glimpse of the puzzling tribal culture along the riverside. It is even said that some of these desolate places by the riverside are still virtually unknown to the rest of the world.

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