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Wonchi Crater Lake

WonchiCrater Lake is located on the mountain range between the town of Ambo and Woliso.This beautiful lake is situated at altitude of about 3000m above sea level. Wonchi contains hotsprings, waterfalls and breathtaking valleys and scenery.In the island, an old monastry named Cherkos is found. Beside all this Wonchi is the home of indigenous forest reserves. Wonchi is a paradise for trekkers. The panorama to the right and left side of the gravel road is breathtaking. Once you arrive at the Crater Lake you would be totally overtaken by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the freshness of the air.

There are two islands in the lake. In one of the islands there is an ancient church called Cherkos monastery. You can navigate to the monasteries on ferries. For 20 Birr ($70 US dollar) round-trip you can hire horses to take you down the mountain to the lake. It takes about one and half hour to reach the lake. If you feel like having soft drinks, water or rest, don’t worry, because there is Abebech Lodge on the hill, which is ready to provide you with all these comforts.

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